our staff

lead pastor | Larry Williams

I used to be a guy just sitting in the row, doing anything or nothing from day one of the church plant. God began doing a work in me and creating a passion for Him. I served doing whatever was needed in various capacities. God softened my heart to kids and I began working with some of the older kids. This grew into a youth ministry. I was the youth pastor for a few years. I never planned on becoming a lead pastor. When the founding pastor, Jerry Breedlove, felt the Lord release him from ministry at Crossroads, there was a sense that I was to be the lead pastor of Crossroads. This is not as common as one would think, to go from "in the pew" to "staff" to "lead pastor." With prayer, wise counsel, and support of many, I was installed as lead pastor in January of 2011. Since then, I have received my Masters in Ministerial Leadership from Crown College.
I became a believer in February of  2000. I was trying to "fix" my marriage and began going to church. The pastor came over to my house, and I knew the "wages for my sin," but I finally understood the "gift of everlasting life."

associate pastor | craig anderson

grew up going to church and Sunday school with my grandmother. I learned a lot about the Bible and about Biblical characters. I believed in Jesus then, but it was more in the historical sense than the "I trust You with my eternity" sense. As I grew into my adolescent years, I slipped away from church and from God. I became rebellious and downright criminal. After being accused of some very serious crimes, I decided to run away from my problems. I joined a traveling carnival and spent the next two years on the run. It was during this time that God began to call to me. He protected me from some very dangerous situations and spoke to me in several ways and through very random people. I would lay in my bed at night and wonder about eternity; "If I died tomorrow, would I go to Heaven or Hell?" When the police finally did catch up to me, I found myself in a prison cell. The very first chance I got, I went to the library and I found a Bible. With that Bible in my hand I said to God, "I have been living life my way and look where it got me. I'm ready to do it Your way." I have never looked back. I have surrendered my life completely to His will and I will never doubt my eternal destination again.

As the Associate Pastor, my responsibilities vary. My main mission is to relieve Pastor Larry of some of the things that keep him from being able to accomplish his main mission. I currently oversee Crossroads' Youth Program. We have a network of dedicated and caring adult leaders who love students and want to see them grow closer to Jesus. My goal, in every area I serve, is to train and equip leaders to do the work of that ministry, to "work myself out of a job" by eventually giving leadership over to others. I believe that when the whole body of Christ has recognized their callings, and have been trained and equipped to use their gifts, the church will grow and the saints will experience greater freedom in their lives and ministries.

administrative director | Mary Morgan

I have lived in Clarksville since 2006 with my husband, Scott Morgan. We have three children: Jane (10), Jason (6), and Eli (4). During our second Sunday at Crossroads Fellowship in 2007, I learned - for the first time - who Jesus was and why He died. I have been a believer ever since. I can't say it has been easy. I can say it has been worth it.

I am the Administrative Director, which means that I manage the website, make the bulletins, pay the bills, etc. I lead a great Admin Team here at Crossroads as well. I couldn't do it without them.
I'm currently enrolled at Crown College online, working toward a degree in Business Administration. I also teach piano at Mary's Music of Clarksville.

Kidmin Director | Dalynne Harris

I am the Children's Director at Crossroads Fellowship. My vision for this ministry is for our team to teach kids about Jesus while engaging in family lifestyles that are an example of a life worth imitating. We strive to teach kids about Jesus in a way that will be helpful in everyday situations. I want these kids to know Christ is with them every day and that God loves them!
I was first baptized when I was 11 years old in Missouri. When my husband (Cortney) and I moved to Tennessee, we found Crossroads Fellowship, and because of the ministry of this church, I rededicated my life to Christ at 18 and I have been following Jesus ever since. The road has not been easy, but I am having the time of my life learning and becoming more like Jesus.
I am currently a Junior enrolled online at Liberty University, pursuing a degree in Business Management focusing on Entrepreneurship.
When I am not being a mother (our son, Bristol, is 5 years old), a wife, or the Children's Director, my husband and I run a small business called HydroFX. We also enjoy watching Denver Broncos and Mizzou Tigers football on Saturdays.

worship leader | sandy anderson

I remember giving my life over to Jesus for the first time as a youngster in VBS when I was too young to realize the depth of the decision, but old enough to decide. When I came into my teen years, I rededicated my life to Jesus and still love and serve Him today.
In December of 2015, God called us to Crossroads. What a great place! Jesus is definitely at work here! I have served in many areas over the years and I was not looking to be in any certain position, but God saw fit to place me here on the worship team for such a time as this. My hope is that every member of the team would further develop the gifts and talents we have been blessed with and - more importantly - grow closer to Jesus through worship. I am intentional about raising up leaders and helping people grow past what they did last week, month, or year without losing sight of the ultimate goal of worshiping Jesus with all our heart, soul, and mind. He is the reason we do what we do and to Him be all the honor, glory, and praise!